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,Zhuji tianbo AUTO PARTS CO., LTD is a design, manufacture, sales and service and integration of large-scale enterprises. The company is located in a long history of "hometown of Xi" - Ruan, Zhuji. East cultural city of Shaoxing, 50 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport...

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Adhere to the "customer satisfaction, the pursuit of better" for the purpose "Quality First Excellence "is Tianbo all

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It is our eternal pursuit to open up markets and create brand names.Southeast Asia and other countries

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    Clutch installation precautions

    1. The clutch must be cleaned before installation to remove rust-preventing grease and debris. 2. The clutch can be installed coaxially or in a split shaft. The axial direction must be fixed. The active part and the driven part ar...

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    The dryers are divided into the following four categories according to the heating method.

    1 convection dryer One of the most widely used dryers, including fluidized dryers, airflow dryers, van dryers, spray dryers, tunnel dryers, etc. The main features of this type of dryer are: 1 the hot gas flow is in direct contact ...

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    Dryer classification

    According to the heating method, the dryer is divided into a convection type, a conduction type, a radiation type, a dielectric type and the like. The convection dryer, also known as the direct dryer, uses a hot drying medium to d...


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Zhuji tianbo AUTO PARTS CO., LTD is a Russian truck brake system spare parts factory,exporter of truck spare parts,our company fully implement the ISO/TS16949 national quality management system standards, Tata brake system spare parts exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries,the product won the praise of users at home and abroad.

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