Anti-lock brake device (ABS)


ABS is part of the service brake. According to national […]

ABS is part of the service brake. According to national standards: vehicles with a total mass greater than 25t must be equipped with this device. It is an automobile safety control system with the advantages of anti-slip and anti-locking. ABS is an improved technology based on conventional brakes and can be divided into mechanical and electronic. A large number of anti-lock braking systems are installed in modern cars. ABS not only has the braking function of the ordinary braking system, but also prevents the wheels from locking, so that the car can still turn under the braking state to ensure the stability of the braking direction of the car. To prevent side slip and deviation, it is the most advanced braking device with the best braking effect.

The speed sensor transmits the signals of each wheel to the electronic controller, and the slip ratio of each wheel is calculated by the electronic controller. The controller randomly issues an action command to the actuator according to the actual working condition, and controls the wheel slip rate to the optimal range. That is, the brakes are not locked, so that the wheels are neither biased nor tailed.