Clutch pedal failure


First, the failure phenomenon: When the engine is runni […]

First, the failure phenomenon: When the engine is running at idle speed, although the clutch pedal has been stepped on the bottom, but the gear is difficult, the shift gear has a crash sound. After barely hanging up the gear, the clutch pedal has not been relaxed, and the car has driven or turned off.
Second, check: Remove the clutch bottom cover, hang the transmission into the neutral gear, and step the clutch to the end. Then, use the screwdriver to move the driven plate. If it can be easily turned, the clutch is well separated; if it does not move, the clutch is not completely separated.
Third, exclude:
1. Check if the clutch pedal free travel is too large and adjust.
2. Check if the separation lever height is consistent or not too low. Move the separating fork under the car so that the front end of the separating bearing gently rests on the inner end surface of the separating lever, and rotate the clutch for one week to see if the inner end of the separating lever can not contact the separating bearing at the same time, indicating the height of the separating lever. Inconsistent, should be adjusted. If the separation lever height is consistent and the separation is still incomplete, check the lever height. Adjust the separation levers to the same height. If they can be completely separated, the original adjustment is improper or worn out. After the separation lever is adjusted, the free travel of the clutch pedal must be re-adjusted.
3. If the above adjustment is normal, the separation is still incomplete, remove the clutch, check whether the driven plate is reversed, whether the axial movement is difficult, whether the main driven disc is warped, whether the separation lever screw is loose, or the floating pin Whether it falls off.
4. For the clutch of the newly riveted friction plate, check whether the driven plate and the friction plate are too thick. If it is too thick, a gasket can be placed between the clutch cover and the flywheel.
5. For the hydraulic transmission clutch, in addition to the above inspection, it should also check whether the brake fluid is missing, whether the pipeline leaks and discharges the air in the hydraulic system.