Dryer considerations


(1) Do not put too much desiccant so as not to stain th […]

(1) Do not put too much desiccant so as not to stain the bottom of the crucible.
(2) When moving the dryer, use both hands and hold the lid tightly with your thumb.
(3) When opening the dryer, do not lift the lid upwards. Use the left hand to hold the dryer. Carefully push the lid slightly open by the right hand, and wait until the cold air enters slowly before fully pushing it away. The lid must rest on the table.
(4) Do not put too hot objects in the desiccator.
(5) Sometimes when a hot object is placed in a desiccator, the air heat-expands the top of the lid. In order to prevent the lid from being knocked over, it should be held by hand, and the cover should be pushed slightly away from time to time.
(6) The enthalpy and precipitation after burning or drying should not be placed too long in the desiccator. Otherwise, the quality will be slightly increased due to the absorption of some moisture.
(7) The color change silica gel is blue when dry, and becomes pink after moisture. It can be re-used after bake-resisting silica gel at 120°C until it becomes blue, until crushing can not be used.