What is the use of the adjustment arm?


Because the vehicle braking safety is affected by many […]

Because the vehicle braking safety is affected by many factors, the adjustment of the brake gap of the drum brake is very helpful for the safety of the vehicle braking, so the automatic adjustment arm has been widely used in passenger and cargo vehicles. This article briefly introduces the structure and characteristics of the automatic adjustment arm. The

一、Brake brake clearance adjustment and clearance automatic adjustment

Brake brake clearance adjustment refers to the adjustment of the brake friction member, the gap between the brake drum and the brake lining. During the use of the automobile, frequent braking will cause continuous wear of the brake auxiliary elements, resulting in different degrees of gap between the brake drum and the shoe, resulting in longer pedal stroke and lower brake cylinder thrust. Dynamic delay and braking force reduction. The

In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, maintain the relative stability of the pedal stroke and work balance among the brakes, the brake gap needs to be adjusted (the adjustment here refers to the adjustment during use), and the adjustment method is divided into manual and automatic. Adjustment. The

二、Automatic clearance adjusting arm and its characteristics

With the increase of brake wear and brake clearance, the untimely and random nature of manual adjustment can lead to inconsistent clearance between brakes, prolonged brake response time, wheel misalignment, vehicle tail flicking, and even brake failure. In order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to check regularly and manually adjust the braking gap of the brake to make it consistent. Drum brake clearance adjustment is achieved through the connecting rod between the camshaft and the brake air chamber—brake arm. Inside the brake arm, there is a worm gear and a worm gear. By adjusting the worm screw, the worm gear drives the cam to rotate. Eliminate excess clearance between friction pairs. The

The automatic clearance adjusting arm is provided with an automatic adjusting mechanism in the brake arm to drive the rotation of the cam and eliminate the excess brake gap outside the set clearance between the friction pairs. The gap automatic adjustment arm has the following characteristics:

(1) Ensure that each wheel brake has a constant and consistent braking gap, which makes the brake of the vehicle more sensitive, balanced and effective, shortens the braking distance, and guarantees the system even if the thickness of each brake shoe plate is inconsistent and the degree of wear is different. The best performance of the movement is particularly important when axles come from different manufacturers, brakes, and friction pairs. Manual periodic adjustment will result in different brake clearances due to different wear between different brakes, resulting in brake force distribution. Uneven. The

(2) Shorten the braking reaction time and reduce the consumption of compressed air. Due to the elimination of excess clearances, the brake chamber can be braked in the shortest stroke and optimum working area, resulting in optimal braking performance, shortest brake reaction time, and minimum air consumption. The

(3) easy to install, easy to use and maintain.