Dryer purpose


The purpose of drying is for material use or further pr […]

The purpose of drying is for material use or further processing needs. For example, the drying of wood before the production of wooden molds and woodware can prevent the deformation of the product. The drying of the ceramic material before calcination can prevent the finished product from cracking. In addition, the dried material is also easy to transport and store, such as drying the harvested grain below a certain moisture content to prevent mildew. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized air dryers are being applied more and more widely.
The heat is transferred from the high temperature heat source to the wet material in various ways, vaporizes the surface of the material and escapes to the external space, so that the difference in moisture content occurs on the surface and inside of the material. The internal moisture spreads to the surface and vaporizes, so that the moisture content of the material is continuously reduced, and the overall drying of the material is gradually completed.

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