Introduction to the main features of the electromagnetic clutch(1)


The electromagnetic clutch is a friction clutch that is […]

The electromagnetic clutch is a friction clutch that is compressed under the action of electromagnetic force. Because it can realize long-distance manipulation, control energy is small, it is easy to realize machine tool automation, and the action is fast, the structure is simple, and it has also been widely used. The price of Tianjin electromagnetic clutch determines its quality. It is the principle of applying electromagnetic induction and internal and external. The friction between the friction plates is such that the two rotationally moving parts of the mechanical transmission system are automatically executed when the active components are not stopped rotating, and the electromagnetic mechanical connectors to which the driven components can be coupled or separated are automatically executed. Electrical appliances.
The function of the electromagnetic clutch is to transfer the torque (or power) of the actuator from one side of the movable shaft to one side of the drive shaft. Widely used in various mechanisms (such as machine tool transmissions and various motor mechanisms) to achieve fast start, brake, front and rear rotation or speed. The electromagnetic clutch is an important part of the automatic control system. Compared with other mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic clutches, the electromagnetic clutch is easy to realize remote control and easy to operate.