Let the clutch and brake fit seamlessly


This is a problem for a person who has just learned the […]

This is a problem for a person who has just learned the car. He said that every time he stops, but can't turn off the fire, he is turned off by the coach. But he still has a bad grasp. Here, I would like to ask how to make the car when encountering obstacles and traffic lights. Can stop at the same time without turning off the green light, you can start immediately without dragging the water. The following Tianjin electromagnetic clutch tells everyone: This requires the cooperation of the clutch and the brake. Here we mainly introduce the method of letting the clutch and the brake work together seamlessly: control the clutch and the brake, the key is to find the one you drive. The axle of the car clutch, the coach will let you feel before going on the road. At the time of the shift, the engine of the car will have a sound that can be discerned. This is what the coach will teach you. It does not turn off the fire, and the control is flexible. Find the clutch shaft point, the accurate shaft point, you can easily control the car does not turn off! Start, don't be nervous! Let the car stop, do not turn off the fire. When decelerating, first press the brakes, feel the car gently shake, When you want to turn off the fire, press the clutch and reduce the gear. After the obstacle, release the brakes, tap the throttle. Others depends on the situation! In fact, if it is concluded, first, after starting the car, the gear is started. Pay attention to the speed. If the speed is within 30KM, first step on the clutch when you encounter the situation, then step on the brakes, so that it will not turn off when parking. If the speed is fast, you must first step on the brakes and then step on the clutch. High speed, it will be great inertia, the clutch is depressed, it will increase inertia.