The general working principle of the brake system


When you know the braking system of a certain model, yo […]

When you know the braking system of a certain model, you may often hear the words "front drum back drum" or "front disc rear drum". So, what does it mean? Recently, readers have e-mailed questions about the brake system of the car, such as the difference between the disc brake and the drum brake, the difference between the air-disc and the solid disc, and so on.
At present, there are many medium and low-end models with small displacements in the automobile market. Most of the brake systems use “front and rear drums”, that is, the front wheels use disc brakes, and the rear wheels use drum brakes, just like the common FAW Volkswagen Jetta. Changan Suzuki Alto and Antelope, BYD Flyer, Chunfeng Yueda Kia Maxima, Shanghai General Sail and so on. Let's take a brief look at the drum brakes that are often used in the rear wheels.
The actual application difference is very significant, and the disc brake is easier to use than the drum brake. Asbestos materials in the brake drum can cause cancer. Drum brakes and disc brakes have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of braking effect, the difference between the drum brake and the disc brake is not large. Because of the friction during the braking, the friction between the tire and the ground makes the car gradually stop. If the body is small and the body is light, the rear wheel with a drum brake is enough to generate enough friction between the tire and the ground. If the rear wheel uses the disc brake, the ABS and EBD systems will automatically reduce the braking force to ensure that the rear wheel will not lose grip and slip and lock.
In terms of heat dissipation, the disc brakes are faster than the drum brakes, and the heat dissipation effect of the air disc brakes is better; in the agility, the disc brakes will be higher, but in the case of muddy roads on rainy days, when the brake discs are stained with sand The rear brake effect will be greatly reduced, which is also the shortcoming of the disc brake; in terms of cost, the drum brake is lower than the disc brake, and the service life is longer, so some medium and low-end cars will use the drum brake, and the medium and high-grade models are basically basic. Take a four-wheel disc brake.