What is the correct posture to step on the clutch while driving?


Many newcomers have mastered the pedaling posture of th […]

Many newcomers have mastered the pedaling posture of the clutch when they first learned to drive. The clutch manufacturer has made some in-depth research on the clutch and summarized some new ones. Let's share it with you.
When driving, do not put the clutch too fast, which will accelerate the loss of the clutch. Generally, the clutch is used when starting, shifting, and braking. At this time, the clutch should be lifted slowly.
When stepping on the clutch, the heel is on the ground. When the foot is stepped on, the foot and the pedal should be correspondingly slid. However, this method is only suitable for the clutch with short stroke and small spring force. When shifting gears, be sure to step on the clutch to the end and shift gears. If the shift is not smooth, first release the clutch, then step on it again, then shift gears. Never force shifting. When you step on the clutch, be sure to let the throttle go, otherwise you will waste fuel.