Precious and precious stones for health and happiness

Gems and crystals have fascinated people since the beginning of time. The authentic moldavite for sale are so beautiful, colorful and sparkling that it is no wonder we love them.

There are many methods to appreciate gemstones. An Amethyst’s crystal structure is an amazing window into the origins of the Earth. The deep purple stone allows the geologist to see the perfect lattice formed by silicon and oxygen under extreme heat and pressure deep within the Earth’s crust.

Fashionista marvels at her bright green emerald as it shines in the sun, and appreciates the harmonious effect it creates when paired with her outfit. The healer touches lightly the amber pendant in honey color to her heart and feels spiritually and physical connected to Mother Earth as well as the healing powers of Mother Earth. A rough prospector in Australia’s Outback finds an opal on a river bank. He is filled with joy and the future of his family looks bright.

The young woman stares at the beautiful diamond ring and is excited about her future with her husband. These reactions can be so different but they are just as strong. It is the gemstones that cause us to feel and experience exceptional emotions.

It doesn’t matter what precious stones we find, they always reflect our value system. Gems can be used to symbolize the values and ideals that we hold dear. Gems have a profound significance in all cultures around the globe. The beauty and often prohibitive cost of gemstones keeps us fascinated, even in modern times.

Vedic Astrology is known for its fascinating and, to the Western mind, surprisingly practical system of associating gemstones (and planetary energies) with each other. The Birth Chart of the person will be used to determine the gem that is most beneficially placed and which can provide the greatest benefit for the wearer.

Blue sapphire channels Saturn’s energy, ruby connects with the Sun’s life-giving rays, pearls improve the Moon’s intuition and healing abilities, and green emerald is the Mercury stone which aids communication and business. Wearing his yellow sapphire, Mighty Jupiter, is good luck and the planet of wisdom. The beauty and strength of diamonds mirror Venus’s qualities. Mars’s stone is the red coral. Rahu and Ketu, two lunar nodes, transmit their Karmic message through the beautiful gems of hessonite and chrysoberyl cat’s eyes.

No matter our cultural background, it is worthwhile to learn about the meanings and legends of the gemstones we wear. This knowledge will serve as a bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds. As we gaze down at our beautiful bracelets or rings, we feel the connection between us and time, which will help us get closer to realizing the Oneness of all things.

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