Eyelid Surgery For Droopy Eyes

Eyelid Surgery For Droopy Eyed Items blepharosplasty is a medical term that was invented in the nineteenth century to refer to the correction of deformities in eyelids caused by cancer. The World Wars prompted surgeons to develop new methods and advances. It is not necessary to perform a surgical procedure in order to correct wrinkles or puffy-eyed eyes. Sometimes, dermal-filler injections and laser surgery are used to correct these wrinkles. These treatments can be temporary. Poor muscle tone and nerve damage can cause drooping or Ptosis. In some cases, this can cause vision impairment. To improve peripheral vision, it is often necessary to perform plastic reconstructive surgeries. The upper eyelids are affected by this condition. Surgery on lower eyelids usually occurs for cosmetic reasons.

A typical candidate for this surgery is at least age 35. It is important to consider age when considering elective surgery for eyelids. As we get older, our skin will sag around our eyes and become puffy. However, genetic factors could make an younger patient eligible. The upper eyelids are different between men and women who have Asian ancestry. Patients of Asian descent seek to perform eyelid surgeries in order for their upper eyelids to be creased. A candidate must be healthy overall. Patients with high blood pressure or diabetes will not qualify for the surgery. Patients with eye conditions such as dry eyes and glaucoma are not automatically disqualified from having surgery, but these can lead to complications. The surgery can be performed by board certified surgeons under local or general anesthesia. This procedure is often performed along with a brow or face lift, as these procedures can be used to help improve facial sagging in other parts of the face.

It is not difficult to perform eyelid surgery, whether you are doing it for cosmetic purposes or reconstruction. In order to remove excess skin and fat, the plastic surgeon first makes an incision following the lines of the natural skin. This allows the plastic surgeon to eliminate excess fat in those areas while avoiding a visible wound. Close the incisions with fine sutures. They can be removed one week after surgery. The swelling will last up to one week. You can wear makeup after 10days. Two weeks is required for a full recovery.

It is possible to improve both the look of upper and lower eyeslids with eyelid surgery. To determine your eligibility, consult a plastic surgeon who is board certified and ask to view before-and-after results of other patients. It is sometimes used for reconstructive surgeries, but cosmetic patients also get good results. Alternative treatments are not always able to correct permanent problems.