IT Managed Services or IT Consulting Services? Know the differences

The information technology industry is huge today. Companies from different sectors use IT to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. IT services are offered by some of the largest IT companies to suit the needs and goals of businesses. IT Managed Services vs Computer Service and Repair: Know the Difference Articles has IT consulting services, as well as managed support services and managed IT services. To understand the difference between these two services (IT Managed services and IT Consultancy services), let’s examine them.

What is IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services means outsourcing one or several aspects of the company’s IT management and support to a service provider. Managed Service Providers refers to an Information Technology (IT) firm that has a team with experts in specific domains. In this model the company that is seeking services, or the client, owns and controls the entire IT infrastructure. Providers are only responsible for providing managed services. A contract is signed between the parties which defines metrics and criterion to be met.

While the majority of large IT companies employ an internal team to manage their IT infrastructure, startups and small businesses cannot afford a full-time team. It’s difficult for small and medium businesses to be up-todate on the latest security updates, or even technology. It is common for non-IT personnel to be forced into researching IT management, which consumes time and takes the focus off other business aspects.

Examples of Common Examples

Systems Management
Backup and recovery of data
Data Storage & Management
Network security management and monitoring
Human Resource Management
Software Development, Maintenance and Support

What does IT consulting services mean?

IT Consulting Services describes the act of companies consulting domain experts about different aspects of IT in order to understand how they can best achieve business goals. This is called IT advisory or IT technology consulting. It basically involves consultants offering advice and consultation to an organization. In the IT industry, there are three types of major consultants: staffing companies, independent consultants and IT firms.