Storage Tips for Electronics in an Self Storage Unit

We see electronics everywhere in the digital world we live in. It is a huge part of what we do every day. They are used not just for leisure, but also for our everyday work. It doesn’t matter if it is a 55″ Plasma TV, a desktop PC, or a stereo surround system. You should always take the necessary steps to make sure that you electronics remain in top condition. If you’re looking for the best mini storage, visit Briliant Storage Limited for more information.
Below are 10 storage tips to keep your electronics safe:

1. To begin with, make sure to clean all electronics to avoid premature wear and tear and scratches.

2. Separate detachable cords from devices. This prevents additional strain from being put on wire connections during storage.

Wires can be grouped together based on the appliance to which they belong. They are then wrapped in a spiral. Bind each coil of wires with zip ties at least twice to prevent them from coming undone. Each group of wires can be easily identified by marking the area taped with a permanent marker in a color that is visible. Lastly, place all wiring from appliances into a single box. This will help you to know the exact location of appliance wiring whenever you need it.

4. Use cotton sheets and towels to wrap your electronics. It is best to avoid using plastic to cover electronics, as it can trap moisture and lead to mold.

5. In order to avoid the electronic products shifting and becoming damaged during the transport, it is best to fill the empty space in the box with either packing peanuts or newspapers.

6. Remove all batteries from electronic products that use them. It will protect your electronics from damage due to battery acid.

7. It is important to remove all removable media from devices such as tapes or cds before storage. Prior to storing, all non-removable media storage items such as internal disk drives and tapes should be backed up.

8. If you have any electronic equipment with glass on it, for example monitors or photocopiers, then place a piece of foam over the surface to help prevent damage. Styrofoam and cardboard work as well to protect these items.

9. Keep heavier electronics at the base of boxes and fragile or lighter items up top. This prevents boxes from falling and damaging your electronics.

10. Label every box. If you want to pull your electronics out from storage you can easily identify the contents.